Cebos Color

Originated from Italy, Cebos Color is a highly specialized decorative finishes company, which produces a wide and complete range of high-quality decorative finishes and coatings.

About Cebos Color

Founded in 1997, Cebos Color from Italy, is today an established and recognized name in the world of wall decoration. Present in more than 20 countries around the world, Cebos Color produces a wide and creative range of high-quality decorative finishes and coatings, from metallic paints to lime-based plasters. 


Research, innovation, and environmental aspects are the strengths of Cebos Color. Cebos Color prides itself on knowing how to satisfy the varied and growing needs of the wall decorative field.


Through Surface Archi, Cebos Color Malaysia offers some of Cebos Color most creative and vibrant decorative finishes for both indoor and outdoor.


The series that Cebos Color Malaysia carries are such as CeboStyle Antico, CeboTime, CeboSfera, CeboSi Decoro, and Oxydia just to name a few. Each series offers unique results and effects, which gives your space distinctive character. Your kitchen would be vibrant and unique with Cebos Color finishes.