Why Artisans Matter

The word artisan is derived from the Latin verb, artire, which defines an artisan as a skilled worker, especially one that involves crafting products by hand. In the surface decorative world, artisans are the heart and soul of every type of finish produced. Artisans take great pride in their creations as they are the ones who breathe life into their products, and therefore each product is unique and unlike any other. A professional artisan can turn good products into great masterpieces. We take pride in our talented artisans and we hope to continuously cultivate new professional artisans.

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Become a Bespoke Surface Decorative Artisan

Surface Archi believes in cultivating new artisans by providing the highest quality training and on-going technical support. We take great pride in having cultivated many artisans and are determined to continue to do so. If you are builders, renovators, painters, contractors, and discerning artisans alike, we welcome you to take part in our training. We are also constantly looking for new artisans to join our team. Click the buttons below to be in touch with us.

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Professional Application Service

Besides providing products and materials for surface finishes, Surface Archi’s professional artisans also provide application of decorative finishes in Malaysia. Our artisans have been trained and have acquired many years of experience in decorative finishes application. Over the years, we have completed thousands of applications throughout the country. All our works are guaranteed of our expertise, reliability, and quality. For quotes, contact us by clicking the button below.

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