About Us

Our Story

The origin of Surface Archi stems from the passion and desire to bring innovative surface finishes to the market. Having started off by providing decorative finishes for walls, we soon realised that there is so much more in the world of decorative finishes that we have not explored. Decorative finishes are not just for walls, but also floors, ceilings and many other types of surfaces. There are many interesting products out there yet to be uncovered, and the methods of application are infinite. The possibilities are endless, and the only limit is creativity. Surface Archi was then born to offer value-adding finishes for all types of surfaces.


To become the #1 preferred choice for innovative surface finishes in Malaysia.


To continuously create, discover and bring value-adding surface finishes to our customers.

Why Surface Archi?

Surface Archi offers a wide variety of the most innovative, interesting, and a-cut-above surface finishes under one roof.

Under the big Surface Archi umbrella, we carry prominent surface finishes brands and products such as Vasari, Cebos Color, Loggia, Marmorino Tools and A1, with many more to come. Coupled with a creative R&D team and talented artisans under our belt, we believe we can create new chemistry for any kinds of surfaces, not just for homes, but also retail and commercial projects.

At Surface Archi, we are driven by our purpose to deliver surface finishes that you will be proud of. To achieve this, Surface Archi is built upon 4 pillars of foundation.

4 Pillars of Surface Archi

Research & Development

At Surface Archi, we believe in constant discovery of innovative new products and invention of new application methods. By doing so, we offer exciting new designs that are trendy enough, yet retain knowledge for classic styles that stands the test of time.

Nurture Talent

Behind great products and inventions is a great team to make it work. We highly value people in our organisation, and we regard them as the greatest asset. From administration roles, the R&D team to our artisans, we strive to unlock everyone’s full potential by providing continuous training and exposure. We are also constantly on the lookout to recruit new talents in our quest of expansion, as well as to cultivate people in honing and unleashing their unique skill sets.


The world is evolving at a fast pace with the advancement of technology and inventions. We ought not to conform and remain at the status quo, but to adapt to changes and new methods of doing things by leveraging new technology and discoveries. By constantly pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones and achieving breakthroughs, our transformation never stops.

Value-based Management

A good organisation is derived from good values stemming from its culture. At Surface Archi, we believe in providing added value in everything we do. It is an approach to management that aligns a company's overall aspirations, creation of offerings, ways of solving problems, and serving customers. There are 6 Core Values of Surface Archi.

6 Core Values of Surface Archi


Continuous Improvement

If we stop growing, we die. Growth comes from that sense of urgency to continuously improve. At Surface Archi, we embrace that Kaizen mentality. As humans, we will make mistakes, but we do not let that hinder us, and we know we will do better subsequently. We keep raising our own standards, and we adopt a cycle of never stopping to learn and improve.


Teamwork, Teamwork, and Teamwork

We are not a team who just work together, but respect, trust, and care for each other. Talent wins games, but teamwork wins championships. We believe the way to achieve success together is to create a strong bond by knowing and understanding each other, good delegation of tasks, complementing each other’s skills and shortcomings, and be willing to help each other.


Professionalism in Everything We Do

Professionalism is not a mere tactic but a moral value and a form of respect. We practise Integrity, Honesty and Transparency. We deliver responsibility, accountability and excellence in everything we do. We uphold and abide by the best work ethics within ourselves consistently, no matter how we may feel.


Paying Attention to Little Details

In our industry, the tiniest details are just as important as the big picture. Quality to us means attention to detail, as the difference between something good and something great lies within the details. The smallest things show how serious we are about our work. We strive our best to pay attention to details to deliver work of the highest quality.


Delivering Excitement

Customer satisfaction and customer loyalty is priceless to us. There is only one thing that matters most to us after all: customer satisfaction. To achieve this, we aim for a customer to go WOW! each time a job is completed. That’s our goal each time – to deliver excitement!


Always Going the Extra Mile

We pride ourselves on our work, certainly, but more than that, we value our customers. As we adopt a value-added approach, we strive to do more than what is required, and provide more than just what customers pay for. The extra mile is our way of showing that we are good at what we do, and we are willing to do more in the name of our passion.